It’s All About Shoes At Coquitlam Centre!

Coquitlam Centre’s (CQC) spring campaign highlighted the centre’s footwear category. While the multi-layered program included a day of ‘Stepping into Spring’ shoe fashion shows, an engaging ‘If The Shoe Fits’ event where the centre gave away 80 pairs of the season’s most stylish men’s and women’s footwear (from 13 different CQC retailers valued at over $5,000) to shoppers in just three hours, the overwhelming success of its used shoe drive was the highpoint of the program.

CQC partnered with Ruben’s Shoes Society, a local not-for-profit organization that collects gently used men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, and gives them a second life by donating them to those in need – giving them a chance at a new beginning. CQC’s donations are going to support the local community through transition houses, homeless shelters, community centres, as well as individual families in need. Donated shoes will also go to developing countries around the world. Did you know that in many countries, like Dominican Republic, without shoes kids can’t go to school?

A shoe drive kick-off event was held April 13 with the team from Ruben’s Shoes onsite. Children were invited to decorate a pair of white sneakers and then donated them to this worthy cause. Thanks to the generosity of the community over 3,000 pairs of shoes were collected! Desiree Dupuis, Ruben’s Shoes Director of Fundraising commented, “This has been the most successful shoe drive we have ever done in one location.”

CQC partnered with a number of Influencers on all aspects of the program, securing 10,254 engagements on CQC social media channels, plus 5,951 engagements on Influencers channels. The campaign wrapped up with a contest for a $1,500 Spring Shoe Wardrobe that garnered over 3,500 entries.




Children in Dominican Republic receiving shoes decorated by children during the kick-off event for Coquitlam Centre’s Used Shoe Drive.

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