Functioning as one of the most fundamental pillars of our business model, Paladin Security’s Operations (“Ops”) Centres across Canada are intertwined throughout all aspects of Paladin’s core services. Paladin is one of a select few security companies that operates its own 24-hour ULC-Listed Customer Service/Operations Centres. The primary Ops Centres, which are fully redundant, are located in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto – effectively covering our clients from coast to coast.

Paladin’s Ops Centres consistently absorb and relay critical information, collaborate on strategic solutions, and manage logistics throughout an advanced system of communication networks. The Ops Centres supply our people with the real-time intelligence they need to successfully manage unfolding events and equip our clients to make informed decisions about their operational needs. These key functions act as the lifeline for our programs, as well as our partners’.


Immediate Response When It Matters:

For effective service delivery and support, our Ops Centre maintains a constant connection between emergent events at our client sites and highly trained professional staff.  The Centres are built completely resilient and can function uninterrupted through all emergencies. Every alarm and video signal, every boot on the ground, hour worked, and vehicle deployed is tracked and managed through our 24/7 Operations Centres.

Our Centres were built with our client’s security needs in mind and with state-of-the-art technology, we can deliver a multitude of services and features that allow us to maintain continuity of service in the most adverse situations. Paladin’s Ops Centres act as first responders to an emergency/alarm, like an interminable guidance system for Security Personnel, which is accompanied with an ever-available, live-agent point of contact.

Paladin’s unique approach to this environment is unsurpassed in the industry. Our Operations Supervisors oversee the management and deployment of thousands of Security Officers every day. With our advanced incident tracking and reporting software, we can record all security activity and dispatches in a format that works best for our clients. Residually, Paladin is then able to provide consistent reports and metrics customized specifically for each customer. This information provides valuable feedback to improve the way that security is scheduled and deployed within our client’s business. The value-add of premium reporting systems is that they can be used to assess optimal utilization of manpower and strategically assess trending activity (such as elevation in break ins or graffiti in an area).


Below are five reasons as to why Paladin’s Operations Centres lead the industry:

  1. The Most Advanced Technology
    • An embracement of technology – and continually striving to change with evolving infrastructure and modern solutions – allows Paladin to provide exceptional and innovative programs to our personnel and partners.
  2. Pro-active & Strategic Scheduling
    • Officer skills and training levels are matched to suit the requirements of each site and assignments align with each employee’s long-term career goals. All this whilst simultaneously planning for future events and systematically tracking all applicable certifications/requirement of our contracts to prevent any deficiencies in training.
  3. Incident Tracking, Management, & Reporting
    • With transparent and robust reporting, Paladin provides the most comprehensive overviews and metrics on the market.
  4. Superior Client Service & Customizable Programs
    • Surpassing all expectations of a “Security Command Centre,” Paladin’s Ops Centres have the ability, and desire, to evolve into tailor-made Call Centre/Customer Service programs for our partners.
  5. ULC-Listed & “Five-Diamond” Certified Central Station
    • The ability to meet and exceed the highest industry standards for Alarm Monitoring, with a backbone of redundancies and unmatched reliability across the industry, is proof in Paladin’s commitment towards excellence. Through these rigorous certifications, best practices are applied to all areas of our service delivery.


Making the World a Safer & Friendlier Place

At its foundation, Paladin’s Operations Centres excel beyond others due to the great contributions made daily by our high calibre staff. Using stringent hiring practices and comprehensive training programs targeted for this environment, our people become an essential element towards Paladin’s unrivaled success. Paladin uses the most advanced computer systems available coupled with the most sophisticated scheduling software, allowing our Centres to operate under the most adverse situations imaginable. This fusion of superior personnel with class-leading technology supports Paladin’s persistent goal of making the world a safer and friendlier plac

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