Mainland Signs Saves Richmond Warehouse $10,000 Per Year

Mainland Signs, a local BC sign fabrication and installation company and member of BCSCA, announced today they’ve completed retrofitting 54 high bay Metal Halide lights to LED for a Richmond based electronics manufacturer’s warehouse.

Bryce Jackson, Senior Account Manager at Mainland Signs stated, “Not only will we save the electronics manufacturer 10 grand per year in electricity and maintenance costs after their ROI in a year and a half, but we’ve also significantly increased the downward focus of each light. This is especially beneficial to a company that is doing a lot of intricate work on the warehouse floor.”

Mainland Signs has been retrofitting signs and lighting to LED for years but this is the first project encompassing such a large quantity of lighting upgrades within one building.

When asked, how often do the conventional metal halide light bulbs and ballasts need replacing vs the LED system, Paul Dobson, Operations Manager, had this to say, “When you have a warehouse with 54 high bay lights, you are constantly having to change bulbs and often the ballasts; I would estimate at least a ballast every 30-40 days. With the LED system, the Corn Light LED bulbs are guaranteed to last 5 years and they have the added advantage of self-contained power supplies. Not only does the LED system dramatically reduce the frequency of changing bulbs and ballasts, but when you eventually do have to change a Corn Light, it will only take a minute.”

Mainland Signs is one of the leading names in the Greater Vancouver area for commercial sign installation and LED conversions. They are a fully certified electrical sign shop that fabricates channel letters, neon, light boxes and all other types of custom signs.

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