Guildford initiatives light up, give back

Guildford Town Centre Exterior Parking Lot LED Project

In Dec. 2017, Guildford Town Centre completed an LED fixture upgrade on 290 of the exterior parking lot poles. The work was completed by Bridge Electric and consisted of replacing the existing 400 watt Metal Halide fixtures with 213 watt LED fixtures.

To further drive energy savings, the fixtures are equipped with onboard controls capable of detecting motion allowing the fixtures to be further dimmed when the parking lot is not in use. Each fixture is programmable and is computer monitored allowing the system to provide the operator with reporting features such as displaying real time light output levels and energy savings information as well as flag individual fixtures with any maintenance issues.

The project will save 382,000 kWh/year in electricity which is equivalent to powering 425 homes for one month. In addition to energy savings, the new high efficiency lighting system provides Guildford Town Centre with improved quality of light, reduced maintenance costs and increased public safety.

Guildford gifts back with Uptrade

On Jan.15, Guildford Town Centre participated in the Uptrade Your Gift Card event. Customers had the opportunity to exchange any gift card for a Guildford Town Centre gift card of equal value. Due to an overwhelming response, the promotion was sold out by 3:30 p.m. the same day. All of the gift cards exchanged were donated to the Surrey Hospital Foundation.

Members of the Surrey Hospital Foundation accepted the $15,000 gift card donation from Guildford Town Centre Marketing Director, Kyla Way (second from right).

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